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Mar 10, 2014

Thank you all for dropping by to Platinum Roses’ Garden, the “ Supernatural ” Podcast, for the Winchester Lover in Everyone….

We're back with new episodes - thank GAWD...I was going CRAZEEE....


Hellos and Howdys - This week around the Garden



 A WORD ABOUT THIS WEEKS SHOW - We had our music drive crash a little while back and as yet my wonderful, long suffering SO has NOT been able to get it to work again. The computer can see it but refused to recognize it. This is why we have completely different interstitial music, no Kansas, and no end theme as we know it on this show. It's playing havoc with our production, and we're sorry.

Next Show  - March 22 2014 (repeat this week kiddies...sigh)

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Mirrorball Mayhem is BACK for its TENTH Season (WOW!) covering all of the goings on and falderall on season 18 of ABC Television's hit series DANCING WITH THE STARS. You can catch us TWICE a week now - Mondays at 11 PM ET and Friday evenings for our Minion Mashup mail show - both at!